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What are dreams?

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. Have you ever thought about why we do it and what are dreams actually about? Are they just random hallucinations created in our brain, or are they something transcendental and more meaningful?

When you close our eyes and fall asleep, your awareness expands to a broader spectrum of frequencies and experiences a different reality. Dreams are like a portal to alternate dimensions of reality. Yes, things might get pretty chaotic, because you are no longer limited to your five senses and the laws of the physical realm. Everything manifest and changes very fast. It is difficult to keep the focus, because the information flow in the etheric field is very strong and hard to maintain. Your brain just can’t comprehend and understand the experience quite well, that’s why it’s often hard to remember the dreams. But when you are able to become aware, that you are dreaming, then you have more control over what’s happening. The limitless potential of your multidimensional being unfolds and starts surfing the waves of the infinite quantum ocean.

Most of the times, when we dream, we don’t realise that we’re dreaming, but the very moment we become aware, that we're dreaming, we gain the power to control the dream as we like. You think about something, and baaam! it’s there. You become absolutely limitless and can do anything you want - fly, ‘time travel’, visit other planets, shapeshift into any animal or figure, talk to your ancestors or entities from another dimension. It’s all happening right now within countless parallel universes. Time is an illusion of sequential quantum states, that are all available to you right now. Only thing you have to do, is set the intention. Every thought has a specific frequency and if you think about something, you instantly tune yourself into receiving the experience of that frequency. It needs a lot of practice to gain such level of control, but with enough commitment everyone is able to do it.

If it sounds interesting to you, then I advise you to look into the work of Robert Monroe. He dedicated his whole life for researching about consciousness and has written many books on astral projection and out of body experiences. Or maybe you have already discovered the infinity under your skin? Feel free to share your stories in the comments. We have come to Earth to spread the love and light to illuminate the world that is asleep without knowing it.

You are much more than your body and your identity. You are an eternal spiritual being, having a temporary life experience in the body of a human being on planet Earth. Behind the veil, it’s your higher self floating in the vast ocean of consciousness. This is your immortal presence in the now - the one who controls your avatar and plays the game of life.

When we dream, we are so immersed in the experience that we don’t realise that we are dreaming. It doesn’t matter how bizarre the dream is, it feels as real as waking reality. Sometimes even more real. Only when you wake up, you realise that, what you experienced was in fact a dream. One of the most important aspects of controlling your dreams is the ability to remember them. Every night, when I go to sleep I do a breathing meditation and set the intention to remember my dreams. When I do that, I am giving my mind a command to remember the experience. You can also do reality checks in your dreams - for example time is distorted, clocks don't tick like they do in waking reality and electric switches might not work. Another important thing is to keep a dream journal. The very moment you wake up, you either record a voice memo or write down everything that you remember about your dream. That way you train your mind to remember your dreams and you also have a record of your dream experiences. After a while you will see, that you are remembering your dreams much more easily.

I think that dreams are too underestimated and often times taken for granted, when actually this is the multidimensional aspect of your being. When you master the art of conscious dreaming and astral projection, you can play out future scenarios before they happen in the physical world, therefore you are much more prepared for the experience, when it actually arrives. You can manifest anything in your dreams and every thought you put out there will eventually manifest because you are tuning yourself into a corresponding frequency of that experience. This is the infinity under your skin.

Maybe you have experienced the deja-vu moment? What happens is that you projected yourself into a future timeline in your dream and lived it through as yourself in a parallel universe. And when it happens in your waking reality, you suddenly get a feeling like you have already had this experience before.

There is so much valuable information to draw from dream states. Observe your dreams with excitement and curiosity. They will help you understand yourself in a much deeper level.

What I like to do, is to go through my dream journal every once in a while and look for patterns. Dreams are often quite symbolic and don’t correlate exactly to the waking life experiences. There are many books and sources to look into if you want to understand the meaning behind your dreams. These patterns are showing you things about your subconscious mind, that you might not be aware of - subconscious fears, suppressed memories or some other issues, that haven’t got the much needed attention. When you finally know, what are the things that you need to work on, you can start making significant improvements in your life.

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