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The Cosmic Joke

What would you do if you found out, that there is no-one else in this world, except you and all your life you’ve actually been talking to yourself? I know this idea sounds a bit crazy, but once you start your spiritual journey down the rabbit-hole of your existence, you will eventually understand, that separation is the biggest illusion created by the God - the infinite creator. But didn’t you just say, that I am the only one and now you say that there’s also God? Well, you are God, experiencing itself. You created everything and you keep creating infinitely. You are the one who forgot about your origin, when you came into this world. Now a part of you is reminding you who you truly are.

Not all of you are ready to accept this idea, because a very long time ago, you split yourself into individuated units of consciousness - called souls, and not all the soul divisions are created at the same time and have the same experience and level of awareness. Therefore you can only understand and accept the ideas, that resonate with your soul’s unique vibrational frequency.

I will try to describe your infinite oneness with an example of a tree. Imagine that this tree is you - the God itself. The branches it grows over it’s lifetime are the divisions (souls) of God. Some are older, some are younger, but they all stem from the same source. In spring, something magical happens - The branches (souls) start growing leaves (reincarnate into human body). Some leaves (humans) get more sun (Africa), some get less (Estonia), therefore they might seem different as well (different races). The leaves, which seem to be different and separate from one another are all actually interconnected parts of the same tree. At the end of their life cycle, they will fall (die) and start a new cycle of life again (reincarnate again) as new leaves (new human body) in next spring (next lifetime). A tree seems to be a finite entity, but the tree itself is like a leaf of the Earth and the Earth is the leaf of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy is the leaf of the Universe and the Universe is the leaf of the Multiverse and so it goes on infinitely in a fractal pattern to such extent which our human minds are unable to comprehend. And they are all connected.

The consciousness, that permeates all things and living beings is one and the same. You are an eternal spiritual being dreaming of being a human at this moment of time. To be honest time is an illusion as well. There is no future and no past. You can only visualise the future and memorise the past. The present moment is all there is, which means, that the future, present and past all exist at the same time as quantum probabilities in a superposition and your conscious observation collapses the quantum wave function into your subjective reality timeline, which is totally unique to your avatar. It’s like one computer would be playing a multiplayer game on billions of servers at once and collecting all that data together to learn about itself and evolve through that experience.

But why, why would I deceive myself like that? You see, little child - If you knew all along, that you were playing a game with yourself, you wouldn’t take it as seriously and you wouldn’t evolve to such extent. All the lessons and hardships are here for a reason. They are not here to cause you pain, but to teach you and make you stronger and wiser. So take them as a blessing, not as a curse. Step out of the victim mentality and start seeing the patterns and the hidden meaning of your life events. Observe them from a neutral point of view. Do not get attached to them. Let them flow like a river. Pain and fear are merely illusions your mind creates in order to keep you from doing things that could be fatal to your existence. So ditch all the labels, because also every label is an illusion your mind creates to make life a bit more rational. There is no need to understand everything and the moment you accept, that you know nothing, is the moment you can really start living.

Everything is connected and you can just allow yourself to be, without overthinking everything. You can never understand it all anyway. Trust your higher self! If it’s so intelligent, that it has managed to create something so remarkable like the Universe and you, it sure can take care of your human body. People only drift off into destructive paths if too much ego mind is in control. Start seeing life as a miracle, where all these valuable lessons take you closer to completing your mission here on Earth.

You might ask that, what is this mission, what is the meaning of life then? The meaning of your existence in this life is to evolve the quality of your consciousness and reduce the entropy of your infinite energy. You do it best, here on Earth in this 3-dimensional dualistic construct of your mind in order to feel what it’s like to have a body and be a living being. Here is your only way to experience emotions and this environment through your senses - soft and hard, hot and cold, good and bad, pain and pleasure. This contrast is what gives life it’s meaning. You fulfil your life mission through learning compassion and unconditional self-love. You destroy it through hating, envying, judging, blaming, hurting, fighting and serving your egoistic desires in cost of others. This reality is a mirror reflection of your current state of being. Everything you see in others is yourself.

You are the Universe looking at itself through the eyes of every living creature. Be the change you want to see in the world! One love!

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