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A Beautiful Lie

It takes a lot of courage to tell the truth at this age. Honesty is a merit of the brave ones. We are so blinded by society’s lies, that living a true life in a world of dishonesty and fakeness might bring quite a lot of stress and rejection. Everybody is so used to wearing masks, so we think, that if we told the truth, then people wouldn’t like us anymore. Yes, many people can’t handle the truth and some of them will probably distance from you, when they see the real you, because their egos will be stabbed by your truth sword and they can’t emotionally put up with that. But, do you really need to give your precious energy to that kind of people, who only like the fake you? Of course you don’t. Only your ego feels better if you have a herd of sheep surrounding you, while being one of them, rather than being a wolf who dares to walk alone. You might think that, how can a lone wolf be a happy wolf? It means letting go of a lot of things that bring you comfort. Well, the thing is that only a lone wolf can be a happy wolf, because he is taking the time and putting it’s energy to look within and find out, who he/she really is. And if you know who you are and what you want from life, then there’s no point in wearing masks and telling lies, because you understand, that a beautiful lie can cause a lot more harm than a seemingly painful truth.

We live in a world, where lies are considered normal and truth is being stigmatised. I can see it everywhere, in everyday communication, relationships, social media, mainstream media and especially government and politics. Lies are programmed into us from a young age, so that we wouldn’t second guess the nature of our reality. It is done to keep the sheep herd under control. So if the world is so accustomed to false beliefs, then indeed the ones who dare to tell the truth and think outside the box are considered crazy.

Dishonesty and inauthenticity starts deep within yourself. Lies are manifestations of fear. It’s the voice of your ego. We do it even unconsciously, because we are so disconnected, that we have no idea what is actually our true nature. We even lie to ourselves every day. And by lying to ourselves, we also lie to everybody else. Lies are like a knight’s armour that we put on to protect ourselves but instead of iron, it’s made of chocolate - it tastes good, but as soon as it gets some heat, it melts and then you are covered in shit.

Over and over again I’m experiencing situations, where people tell these beautiful lies to save their ass or make someone believe, that they care, in order not to hurt other’s feelings, when actually they don’t mean it and really don’t care. You are not only poisoning the other person, but you are also poisoning yourself. People are quite naive and believe, what is told to them (unless they are empaths who can see through inauthenticity). So if you’re telling a lie, just to leave a good impression to someone and not to hurt their feelings, then you are dragging along people, that drain your energy and cause a lot of problems and stress. By the way, saying what you mean, even if it's not what the other one wants to hear, does not make you are a bad person. It means, that you value yourself and respect the other person. Lies have short legs and when the truth gets revealed, it causes much more pain and problems both to you and others. Not even mentioning your reputation, that gets damaged.

So how can we change this feedback loop of lies and suffering? One thing is certain - we can’t change the world externally, nor can we change other people. So first of all you should really find out who you are deep within. What are your core values and what kind of people you want to be surrounded with. The next step is tricky and needs a lot of courage - actually being that person. A lot of fear will rise before daring to make that change, because you might be afraid to lose the friends that you have right now. But by taking off all the masks and revealing your true essence, the people and the world around you will start recalibrating. As soon as you let go of the false self and start living truly from your heart, your vibrational frequency rises and you start creating a new and better life for yourself. You will start attracting likeminded people and get rid of the fake friends and secret enemies, who weigh you down. Life get’s so much easier, because you don’t have to pretend anymore. Nor you have to prove yourself to anyone, because if you’re being authentic, everything just falls into place naturally. People understand you better and you understand other’s better, because you resonate with the ones that are just like you. It’s the simple law of attraction - you get what you ask for. I agree, that it is not an easy change and takes time, but once you have become the wolf, you will never want to be a sheep again.

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