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Hi, my name is Rivo.

I am a multimedia artist from Estonia.

As far as I can remember, I have always loved creating something. I’m keen to learning new things and expressing my art through various creative disciplines.

I find myself doing mostly these things:

➤  Photography

➤  Videography

➤  Graphic Design

➤  Web Design

➤  Music Production

➤  Writing


I do everything with passion and love. I like to create intriguing narratives and tell a story that would engage more than just the eyes.

My strong attention to details and to the beauty of things sets me apart from the rest.

Besides creating I’m also an enthusiast in personal development. I’ve been diving

into the depths of my being for most of my life. Helping people innerstand the bigger picture of life and their true potential is my greater mission here on Earth.


You can discover my deeper side on my blog page, where I write articles about spirituality, self awareness and life in general.

By lifting others, I also lift myself.

I don’t like to put myself into any specific box, that limits my potential. That’s why my walk of life is so diverse.


Check out my works and feel free to contact me if you think I can be in your service with my creative skills or advice on personal development.

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